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I'm Daniel Costa, a Portuguese Landscape, Seascape and Urbanscape photographer based in Sintra.

I wasn't one of those people who was given a camera at age five and fell in love with photography but with full confidence I can tell you that my passion for photography started a long time ago.

For years, I traveled a lot and took pictures without having a understanding of the camera but suddenly, I felt the urge to improve and understand how to properly use the camera and extract the best of his attributes. After learning and developing the main photography skills (Manual Mode, Composition, Edition), my passion grew even bigger and I really understood the positive impact of photography in my life, become a kind of therapeutic meditation.

Getting out to shoot landscapes, seascapes or even urbanscapes, clears my mind and soothes daily life stress, worries and anxiety. When I get out and set up to shoot a scene, I completely enter in a parallel world, become focused in the beauty of our planet, how nature is moving around us and the best way to freezing those beauty moments.

In the last years, the commitment and dedication to photography allowed me to develop even more my skills and reach some unexpected goals such as, for exemple, published my first Photography Book "Momentos de Luz" in 2018, or even become brand ambassador. 

Photography is definitely part of my life and my main target is continue exploring the world and show throughout my photos, the magnificence that our planet has to offer.

"The infinite range of beauty found in the natural world, remains a true wonder and reminds us that our habitat should be protected and treated with humility and respect. Within each landscape photographer lays a deep passion for our planet that of course, transcend in his work." 

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