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Very often, I receive some messages, whether it be on Facebook, Instagram or Mobile Phone Message and the most frequent questions are:


"I love your photos, what camera do you use?" or  "what lenses do you use?"


Just to clarify, ny photo could be wonderful but it doesn't have all to do with the equipment that photographers are using..


In fact a lot of the shots in my portfolio are taken with an entry level Nikon D5500 which I continue using as backup camera, so, you wouldn't compliment a chef on the meal, because of the pots he used to cook it, right?

You can check below all the list of photography gear I am using. If you need some type of info don't hesitate to contact me.

Camera Bodies
Tripods & Tripod Heads
Camera Backpack & Filters Pouch
Holder & Filters
Image Management
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