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review the heat company merino liner pro

Welcome to my blog. As you know, my name is Daniel Costa and I'm an addicted Portuguese landscape photographer. My blog has as the main purpose to share: equipment reviews, tips & tricks, and news about photography with all of you.

Today, I'll review the Merino Liner Pro Gloves from The Heat Company.

As landscape photographer, one of the things I value most is to be warm and comfortable when I face adverse weather conditions.
One of the biggest challenges is to keep hands warm but at the same time comfortable and practical to manage photographic gear and camera settings.

THE HEAT COMPANY is a well-known brand that really understands the real needs of people who practice sports and outdoor activities, including landscape photographers. I would describe the brand in just three main words: Quality, Innovative and Considerate.

Quality: Attention to every little detail that makes them so unique.

Innovative: A revolutionary system that allows you to combine different models available in each layer segment to create the model that fits your desires.

Helpful: The know-how to understand your needs and help to choose the adequate model for your needs.

MERINO PRO LINER: I was expecting the best things but after using them I’m completely surrendered.

The elastic & shape retention fits perfectly on my hands, are extremely comfortable, and provide great freedom and reliability managing the gear.

The ability to control the device's touchscreens is definitely really useful nowadays.

In most cases, this line is enough because they are really warm but they are also adjustable for extreme weather conditions, allowing to add the Heat Company hand warmers inside a specific pocket or even add other shells as new layers.

Visit and check all the available products on

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